Monday, April 30, 2007

The life of a writer...

Yesterday evening was very entertaining, stimulating and enjoyable, to say the least as I attended Mr. Timothy Montes's lecture-forum on the Writer's life. He said that do not forget to write about your city/town/where you came from, because nobody can make a story about that place aside from you.

He also mentioned a reading list by Clifton Fadiman that everyone should read even well after graduating from college, because learning does not stop after college - it is a lifelong passion. I just researched on the Internet what those books are, please click here for a list.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Coming back (sorta...)

Tomorrow will be a homecoming of sorts, as I will step on Mindanao after almost five years. I will be going to my Karl Aoanan's resort in Ozamis City, Misamis Occidental for a much-deserved and much-delayed vacation.

When Karl was in Dumaguete for the College Editors Guild of the Philippines workshop, he kept on telling us (Mark Garcia, LA Hernandez, and Mich) that "nangluod na siya" (I'll get back to you on the English equivalent) because we kept on putting him off regarding the trip.

If you come to think of it, the very thought of my going to Mindanao should be a wonder and most would probably say that I am crazy of going to Ozamis (does Kuratong Baleleng Gang ring any bells?) with the forthcoming national and local elections only two weeks away, things can get pretty rough there.

Well, even though I was born and from Manila, I would say that I was raised in General Santos City (you heard it right, Pacman-landia, Bomb Capital of the Philippines) and I am proud of that. I mean, that is where we live (though not presently). I guess, when you're home, you feel invincible. As if, nothing can harm, distract, disgust, or bother you in any way. One feels secured when they are home, and I feel the same way today as I felt ten years ago amidst the bombing. That connection between you and the city (or island for that matter) is something that you can leave for few moments or years, but will continue to feel in your inner being/soul. Corny? I guess I am. Besides, I have good friends going with me. What else can go wrong?

Anyway, just one more day...

internet connections....

i am starting to get pissed at the people from globe telecom... they just do not know when to act when it is an emergency... it has been a long time since i posted because those freaks in all their starched pants and three piece suit did not find dumaguete to be a catastrophic case and just had time to fix their cables today... and i am not even a subscriber... hehehe... anyway, it is only three days away before ozamis! and i am freaking excited!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Boys of Summer

I just read the news that my New York Yankees were crushed by my other favorite team (and the Yankees's rival) the Boston Red Sox. Now, for those who are not baseball fans, you might not understand why these two teams hate each other's guts, and I mean LOATHE each other.

It all started in the 1920s when the Boston Red Sox sold a pitcher "The Bambino" Babe Ruth to the Yankees for $20,000 so that the owner of the Red Sox can produce even more Broadway shows which never earn well in ticket sales.

After being sold to the Yankees, Ruth was converted into an outfielder and never turned back while on his way to being the "Sultan of Swat" and led the Yankees in their quest to be the best in Baseball. The Red Sox rued their decision to sell Ruth and this was called to be the "Curse of the Bambino" and started the drought for the Sox, which was only satiated in 2004, when after almost 90 years the Sox won the World Series.

Anyway, if you are not yet a fan of baseball and would like to be click on this: for more information.


To those who might be reading my post earlier would be squirming on the floor for all the grammatical mistakes that I made. Sheesshhh! I do not know how to write anymore. Help!

Not a technofreak...

I just realized yesterday how incompetent and outdated I am.

Well as everyone who bothers to read my blog, I just started it and I am still trying to work my way through discovering the little intricacies that prompted a certain writer from the Weekly Sillimanian to write about blogging.

I did not know how to use the link and paste it to this certain template space to input HTML/Javascript codes so that there might be some sort of advertisement on my page so that I can monitor who bothers to read this shit I am making. I did not even know that there is a website called puts a search button on your page, a link that will say if someone has made your website their favorite. It was also only yesterday when I knew that a CBOX was an important part of the whole blog!

Shit I am in trouble! And to think that coming fresh from Japan (which is technology-savvy indeed) a year ago would have perked my interest in the whole Internet. I do know that the Internet does magic for a lot of people, especially me when I was making reports in ICU that needed Filipino sources. It was also just when I came back here that I learned of this torrent thingy which connects registered users from around the world and allows us to share movies, e-books, programs, manga copies, etc. Although I knew about Limewire, the things torrents bring to newbie, is to say the least, overwhelming.

I was even more surprised and dumbfounded when my friend Jordan walked me through the whole process of clicking and linking and everything to make my blog a little bit better than a novice.

If you were to ask me to list down the sites that I usually check out it would go like this (in order):
1. Yahoo!
2. Hotmail
3. Gmail
4. Major League Baseball (
5. Friendster
6. Facebook
7. MySpace

That's it. Oh well, I guess I will get down to investigating more about the Internet.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


eto nga pala yung mga kaunting letrato na nakuha namin nung mga nakaraang araw...

basic mass integration. sa palagay ko ay eto ang unang pagkakataon para kina jordie at odie na sumali sa ganitong aktibidad. sana meron silang natutunan.

ang mga delegado mula sa silliman.

ang mga palanca awardees na nag-judge para sa gawad ernesto rodriguez jr.
mula sa kaliwa: genaro cruz, jun cruz reyes, gelacio guillermo, ferdinand jarin, at richard gappi

Thoughts on the recently concluded convention

It has been an eventful five or six days after the 67th National Students Press Convention by the College Editors Guild of the Philippines held here in the Campus by the Sea. We have had the chance to know different student publications from all over the Philippines. It was my second time to join this kind of event (the first one was held in Sinait, Ilocos Sur in 2004) which tells me that I am indeed getting older and older by the day. If you come to think of it, the very same people have remained part of the CEGP even well after their college years are done and over with. (Which might somewhat give an idea why they continue to serve as members of the secretariat, when in fact, it is time to move on and let the younger breed continue the struggle for a continued progressive press.

Another thing that has crossed my mind is the different approach to the program compared to the one I attended in Ilocos. Nahihiya ba sila sa Silliman at kung kaya'y hindi na sila nagpatuloy sa hardcore na pag-iindoctrinate sa mga kapwa estudyante? O kaya naman ay nagbabago na ang kanilang pananaw at napag-isipan rin nila na hindi sila magiging matagumpay sa paglaganap ng kanilang tunay na hangarin na ipatuloy ang pagtatanggol ng sibil na liberties at kung kaya nag-ibang paraan sila para hindi sila ma-isolate.

Sana sila Michelle, Odie, at Jordan ay may natutunan sa mga napag-usapan nung mga nakaraang araw at maisip din nila na napakaswerte nila na sa Silliman sila nag-aaral.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I just made a gaffe in my earlier post... I came back to Dumaguete just a little over a week has passed because I am part of a National Convention that was organized by Silliman University. NOT because of a National Workshop. Must be the jet lag.

Oh, well...

Am back

I just arrived from Manila on a 10-day vacation because I have to attend this National Workshop Silliman University organized. Well actually I was not involved in the planning and organization of the whole thing. Saybit kumbaga... Hehehe... Anyway, at least I have something to do...

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Palm Sunday

It is Palm Sunday here in Dumaguete City. This would be the second consecutive year I "experienced" or had Palm Sunday without my parents. Geez. It has been a year. And it indeed just flies by like it was yesterday.

Exactly a year ago, at 11 am Tokyo time, I rode my jitensha (bike) to Musashisakai Eki (Musashisakai Station) for fifteen minutes and then bought my 210 yen kippu to ride the Chuo Sen (Chuo Line) for Yotsuya Station for Church.

But this year, at 11 am, I was inside my room, watching Four Brothers. It was a somewhat pathetic movie, if you ask me. It was star-studded, though. Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese, and Andre 3000? But I have to believe that the script sucked-big time. I mean, when their foster mother got killed in cold blood, they go on a Detroit rampage trying to uncover who was the brains behind the assassination. There were shouting all around, guns blazing, and crazy stunts were abound. The thing with that movie is Mark Wahlberg and Tyrese were trying to play their part. It just didn't feel spontaneous enough for me to believe what they were doing. Although I did like Mark Wahlberg's Dirk Diggler and Vince Papale roles, being Bobby Mercer just didn't cut it out for me.

Another thing. I do not feel as if it is the start of Holy Week today. It was exactly the same feeling I got when I was in Japan. Is it that I am losing my inner beliefs towards religion? But I guess I always feel this way when I am away from my family. And I do miss them. Especially my brothers and sisters.

Here is my family's picture. See the similarities...