Friday, December 7, 2007

Bumming around

The past month has passed by like a blur, and the life I'm currently living consists of a routine that is made up of the following: wake-eat-movies-eat-beer-movies-sleep. I thought I've had too much of these activities that I felt my head and body was going to explode due the inactivity and slothful tendencies a clear schedule provides recent graduates. I yet have to go home to Manila, and my father has been constantly badgering me to ride that ship with my stuff and head to Manila to look for work. He told me that since the Ford Everest I was driving has already been sold, there is no more reason to stay and bum around in Dumaguete. As of this post, I have managed to hurdle that problem by telling him that I am still waiting for my Transcript (which is true, for your information), and that it might be my last time in Dumaguete, and I'm feeling nostalgic that the city I have lived in for five or so years might be out of reach.

Luckily, I was invited by my good friend, Karl Aoanan to go to Oroquieta in Misamis Occidental, for the simple reason that I graduated and he was out to get me drunk at any cost. It was also by chance that Dr. Earl Cleope also invited me to go to Tangub for the Philippine National Historical Society annual conference. So I gave myself another vacation.

When I arrived at Oroquieta, Karl and Co. were preparing for their Outstanding Misamisnon awarding ceremonies, and I volunteered my services to be a Personal Assistant (PA) to the party of Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, in short, tig-. But Trillanes and his rag-tag bunch of mutineers disrupted the chance for us to see Kiko. It was a fun experience and at least I got to see Karl, April, Radha, Shanti, and the IT Boys of the Province of Misamis Occidental; this was my third time in Misamis, by the way.

I remember the summer of 2007 when Mich and LA (Mark G was supposed to be with us but he chose not to part with P1,500 for one of the best vacations I've had so far.), and I was tricked by Karl into running up and down Hoyohoy ala Amazing Race for us to bond with his people. I was so piss-tired after the ordeal that I ended up riding the horse, and Mich had to run up, because the other teams were so ahead of us. Another blooper to that vacation was LA puking on Mich's leg kay nahutdan siya'g hangin. (Sige yosi pa! Hahaha...) Poor Mich, putting up with our craziness. Hahahaha...

I also passed through Oroquieta in July when I went to Pagadian for the Asia Pacific Youth Conference, and had to wait for Sunday for the Sulpicio Lines trip to Dumaguete. All I know is, every time I pass through Karl's balwarte I add a few more pounds, get to lie in the sun, and drink till we drop.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures of last week's escapade.

With Gov. Loreto Leo Ocampos at the Outstanding Misamisnon Ceremonies. (FYI: I was wearing his barong because I did not bring any formal clothes. He had no idea I wore that. Tee-hee.)

Eating (again!) after swimming with some St. Scholastica girls.

It's me among the lights in Tangub. (Very dark photo, though.)

With Karl at the Tangub City Hall.

One of the Christmas Symbol displays in Tangub.

Here's to Misamis!

Grades and Teachers (Late Post)

When I stepped into college, I had two goals in mind to repay my parents' struggle to give me an education. They were: to finish with honors, and not to receive any letter grade from any of my subjects. I promised to myself on the first day I became a college student, that I will never receive one and will work towards finishing all my courses for the semester that it was allotted, with the highest grade in the class, of course.

Unfortunately, Silliman University had to botch up those two goals.

I will never become cum laude, because a History professor made sure I will never get at least a 2.0, and a Philosophy teacher believed that students were scums of the earth and made sure that at least 3/4 of the class repeated Philosophy 31.

When I was a freshman transferee from MSU, the impression Political Science gave me were about laws, arguments, debates, etc and I thought that since this was Silliman, the professors would be open to students who rejected their opinions and analysis because they believed theirs was better. I did get to know these teachers, and I am forever grateful to them.

However, when I took this teacher's History class, I was expecting a very lively debate among the ranks, and I opened fire on the very first day by shutting down her opinion on the Crusades and tried to explain my theory. I thought she appreciated that activity, and she was all smiles during the semester. I did good on the exams and attended every meeting, but at the end of the semester, I got a grade of 1.7, which to me was crazy. So when I approached her, and asked, she gave me her records, while I had no test papers or whatsoever to show her. I was not one who would beg and ask favors to get a good grade, so I just took whatever she gave me and enrolled the subject for the next semester. My mother was furious about what happened, and she told me that that was the only time she will allow me to retake the subject. If ever I was to screw up again, I had to pay for the tuition for that subject myself. (By the way, the Department knew about this, and was furious that the teacher gave me that grade, but what can they do? Shouganai na...) This was when I was a sophomore.

The Philosophy teacher on the other hand, had a University-known holier-than-thou attitude, which lead to repeated enrollment of Philosophy 31 by students. I bought his book, attended all the classes, but still came up .1 short of a 2.0, and again disqualified me for cum laude. (This was also in my second year.)

My second goal was also flushed down the drain, when two of my professors gave me INCs last October, which led to me officially graduating in March, instead of October. I think I will never get an F because I do believe I am better than that. (I can get my Transcript of Records, though.)

The first INC was from my Political Science professor. She gave me that because I lacked a book report, though I did leave a book report at the office; she told me she did not get it. I admit I was at fault there, because I didn't give it to her directly. Though if you think about it again, how would it get lost in her office? I think she is to blame, too, for that.

My second INC was from my Literature professor, who I think is delusional, out of her range, and condescending. She rejected all our answers and forced down our throat what she thought was the correct answer. She thought she was in the league of Edith Tiempo! And clearly she is not! She gave me an INC, because my grades didn't reach 2.0; it was not a failing grade, though, but she thought she had to give me an INC to make my stay in Dumaguete longer. To her credit, she was considerate enough and actually looked out for my welfare. Some of my Masscom classmates though, needed at least 2.7 and were not given that, which meant they had to retake the class. When I asked the Registrar if this will affect my October graduation, they told me that it will. But I knew that we just needed a 1.0 to pass the subject. I wanted to take whatever grade to make it an October graduation. But the long holidays during that month had my professor unavailable. So to make a long story short, I just settled for completing the requirements and received a 2.0. (I wonder, if she just gave the 2.0 to me right away, I would never have to bother her, and vice versa. Kasamok ba.)

I know. I think I am too outspoken with my opinions, that sometimes teachers, especially the older ones, misconstrue it as me being too "fresh." I've had the same trouble when I was in high school at Notre Dame. I still have it now. Though I think I've toned down a bit, now that I will be entering the Land of the Unemployed, and have to kiss ass to go up the ladder.