Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things to come

What if there are some things that you cannot explain and totally unexpected, arrives at your front door and after a few dillydallying moments, blasts you in the face like a Long John Silver bullet?

The first thing that will register with me is, of course, surprise. Like, wtf? is happening? What the hell is this all about? I really can't tell if either this thing is good or bad.

Next thing would be, why me of all people? Little me who is just a face among more than 6 billion in this world. Little me, hunched over my keyboard typing away while world passes round and round and round...

All I'm saying is that I hope I am ready, as much as you are, that all things must be for a reason. Let us also hope that all the people who love us will continue to support us and God is there to test and guide us with all because that is what's best for us.

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